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Huawei And ZTE Banned From Supplying 5g Technology To Australia

With the United States giving a tough time to Chinese telecom companies Huawei and ZTE over concerns regarding national security, Australia too has followed suit by distancing itself from ZTE and Huawei by imposing a ban which might be much more disastrous for the companies than the one handed out by the United States. The country has banned these services from supplying 5G technology equipment to the local mobile carriers due to similar reasons of national security concerns. Huawei confirmed this development through a post on its official Twitter account.

The punishment given out by Australia is much harsher compared to the United States, as it has completely barred the local carriers from carrying out business with these companies, whereas the US government’s ban is only limited to its agencies, personnel and contractors. Huawei, in its statement on Twitter, said that for the past 15 years, it had been delivering wireless technology in Australia safely and securely, and that it was extremely disappointing news for its consumers. Australian authorities are concerned that Chinese firms may leave the country’s 5G network vulnerable to infiltration knowingly for espionage. A government official stated that Huawei was a specific target for the ban, as it had sent an offer to the country for overseeing its 5G technology development, as well as the supply of the network’s equipment.

Meanwhile, even though the United States government has advised its citizens to avoid using Huawei devices, the company may be having the last laugh globally. A report by IDC has suggested that the company has had a blazing success in the European continent since the beginning of 2017. The company has risen steadily from a share of 11.4 percent in the European market, to 24.8 percent, beating Apple in the region. With Chinese makers such as Huawei, Xiaomi and Oppo continuously expanding their reach globally, the European smartphone market is starting to resemble a mix of US and Chinese phones.