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Apple Warns Facebook On Breaching The Stricter Data Collection Policy

Apple Warns Facebook On Breaching The Stricter Data Collection Policy

The firmed stand on Apple about the privacy policy made the social media giant to plug out one of its app from the iOS app store.

The WSJ “Wall Street Journal” has found that Facebook is taking out Onavo Protect program, a VPN-based app from the App Store, following the warning by the Apple to them that the app found to be guilty of violating the privacy policy, based on the factor of collecting user data.

A source said the gathering and analysis of user activity by Onavo Protect app is beyond the violations of the newly introduced data collection limits. It as well found guilty of breaking a clause on the agreement—according to which the app cannot be used—the gathered data for advertising and another irrelevant purpose.

However, Apple didn’t make it clear that whether send a direct warning, but they said we made it explicitly clear that applications are not allowed to gather data about the list of installed apps, just for the sake of marketing and analytics.

The company as well put some emphasis on the fact that the application must have a clear outline of the data they are asking from the user and how they are going to use it.

The move isn’t a shocking one. Tim Cook, Apple has been very critical regarding the privacy policy of the Facebook after they found guilty of Cambridge Analytica scandal, a lot of users have considered that the stricter app store rules are an outcome of the incident.

However, Facebook has no regrets about using Onavo more than just a security app. The data gather by Onavo helped Facebook to understand the situation where Snapchat was struggling to have its ground. If considered this, it was just about the moment when Apple is going to confront the Facebook about it data collection model.

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