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British Assembled Satellite Launched To Map Wind Behavior

British Assembled Satellite Launched To Map Wind Behavior

Now, the pattern of movement of wind can be mapped with the help of a newly launched satellite from Britain. The Aeolus spacecraft will receive the necessary data from the particles present in the atmosphere.

The satellite will fire a robust laser in the environment in order to track the movement of the particles present in the air. According to the meteorologists, the mission will produce a splendid outcome that will also boost the quality of the weather forecasts.

Though the Vega rocket was about to launch on Tuesday, due to the high altitude winds it was not successful. However, the rocket was launched at 1820 hours BST from French Guiana.

Once the rocket achieves an altitude of 320 km, the testing program will be initiated. The researchers are also hoping that the laser information will be incorporated into the routine forecasting mechanism soon.

In the present mechanism, the scientists are utilizing various ways to detect the speed of the wind, which ranges from anemometers to weather balloons. Also, the satellites that track the behavior of the clouds also measure wind. However, these have specific limitations and depict data of wind from a particular area or height. On the contrary, Aeolus will acquire comprehensive data from the Earth through the various layers of the environment.

The Aeolus will be firing an ultraviolet laser that will come back with information on the movement of the wind particles. The same will be measured by a huge telescope. In fact, the medium ranged forecasts will be affected in a great way.

Some of the severe storms encountered by Europe may have the origin in the tropics. In some of the scenarios, the meteorologists fail to understand the intensity of the situation, leading to inaccurate and misleading information about the wind. With the latest technology, the scopes of the same will be eradicated.

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