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Google Trying To Give Tough To Amazon In Case Of The Smart Speakers


Google has been trying hard to catch up to Amazon since the past few months and it seems that the company might overtake the same in no time, according to the new reports. According to NPD, which is known for tracking the consumer usage particularly in the US, there is a huge spike in the demand for Google’s voice-activated speakers. To be precise, these speakers from Google are expected to witness a growth close to as much as 50% as far as the sales are concerned. By 2019, the demand is expected to soar even higher while the segment touching as much as $2.7 billion.

According to the NPD, 19 percent of the total consumers in the United States are expected to buy a smart speaker in the following year. Although the firm did not discuss in detail about the leaders in the market, it pointed out towards the growth in the wireless mesh networking equipment which is attributed to the overall growth in these networks. Along with that, reports from Strategy analytics have shown that Google is drawing level with Amazon, after the analysis of the global smart speaker market.

In the last quarter, the sales of the AI-powered speakers have increased by as much as 420 percent which is a huge achievement in itself for the company. On the other hand, the sales of the market rival Amazon increased by not more than 64 percent only, which is way less if compared to Google. This made Amazon lose a huge part of its control over the concerned market while falling to 41% from 76%. While Google is doing much better as it rose to 28% compared to when it was at 16% in the previous year thus making it reach at the second place in the competition which will soon be converted into the first.