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Gab Deletes Anti-Semitic Posts After Warning From Microsoft

Gab Deletes Anti-Semitic Posts After Warning From Microsoft

Gab, the social media network, housed two anti-Semitic posts that grabbed the attention of the Microsoft. The tech giant also threatened to bring the site down if immediate action is not taken in this regard. In fact, the social networking site was given 48 hours to take a strict action. As a result, the two posts were deleted.

Gab is hosted in the Azure cloud service of Microsoft. According to Microsoft, the company has received complaints regarding both the posts. As a matter of fact, these posts were also tagged as a malicious activity and were requested to be removed immediately. Though these were tagged as phishing URLs, these don’t have any phishing content.

The anti-Semitic posts were presented by Patrick Little, who says he is one of the probable candidates for the election of the US president. He is also looking forward to eradicating the Jewish people from America.

Andrew Torba, the founder of the social media network, also agreed with Microsoft and stated that the posts violated the set of rules set by the social media network. On the other hand, Gab believes that in a social media platform everyone has the right to express the views and opinions. However, most of the posts on the platform are either dominated by racist or anti-Semitic views.

Microsoft believes that it has the responsibility to serve the people as per their sentiments. It also stated that the company must take the sentiments of the people into account and ensure that none is abused by any means. The spokesperson from Microsoft also stated that the chose to act in a different way and kept the contents on the platform, before deleting those.

Mr. Torba also explained the posts of Mr. Little as a joke as he committed to removing those but failed to keep up with the commitment.

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