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US Conspiracy Theorist’s App Still Present On App Store

US Conspiracy Theorist's App Still Present On App Store

Apple this week claimed that an app belonging to Alex Jones (the popular conspiracy theorist) stays in the firm’s App Store. This is because it has not been found discovered to be breaching of any content rules.

The Infowars Official application this week has turned out to be the App Store’s 3rd most-installed news app after Apple suspended access last week to some of the podcasts of Jones from its digital store. Apple had claimed that the podcasts breached the firm’s rules for hate speech. The firm had not clarified why the application was available until launching a media statement this week.

“We sturdily support all viewpoints being presented on the App Store, as long as the applications are respectful to consumers with various opinions and follow our clear rules. This ensures that the App Store is a secure marketplace for people,” Apple claimed to the media in an interview.

Jones’ podcasts varied from the Infowars application in a major way. The podcast application permitted access to a widespread list of earlier episodes, subjecting all of those episodes to content rules made by Apple.

On a related note, Apple will be making it simpler for iOS consumers to get hold of fresh applications that arrive on its App Store. The Cupertino-located tech major began permitting developers of the app to add a function wherein they can permit the consumers to pre-order an application. Developers can allow iOS app consumers pre-order applications almost 90 Days prior to it roll out. Once pre-ordered, the application will download by design on the iPad or iPhone on its planned date.

The function is available on all the variants of the App Store. This indicates that even macOS, iOS, and tvOS applications can be pre-ordered. It is worth claiming that, if the developer wishes, it can provide both free and paid apps for pre-order. If the cost of the paid application alters at the time of the pre-order time frame, the users will be invoiced for whichever is the least cost.

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