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Microsoft To Offer Support For Movies Anywhere And X-Men Movie As Gift

Microsoft To Offer Support For Movies Anywhere And X-Men Movie As Gift

Microsoft is taking all the necessary steps to make their service more effective and support more efficient by offering various updates and extended support for their services.

Movies and TV app by Microsoft for Xbox and Windows 10 now streamlined with the service of Movies Anywhere. And when users add their Microsoft account with the Movies Anywhere application, they are eligible to get a free film for the limited time.

Movies Anywhere services were originally launched in 2014 by Disney that is designed to bring the movies together which the users have purchased from various sources, such as Google Play, Amazon Video, Vudu, and iTunes. Instead of searching for a movie from various applications and even on various devices manually; Movies anywhere brings the features which will display all your movies in a single app and the app is optimized to run on diverse devices without any issues like compatibility. The service as well as allows users to buy the movies from any other service which they have connected with their account.

The movies of Movies anywhere services will list out in the Movies and TV apps of Microsoft for Xbox and Windows 10 both, even the users have bought it from the other platform. At least, for the time the user lives in the United States, so, it is very important for the users to understand that anywhere does not literally mean anywhere.

To make the deal even more beneficial for the users who log in the in Movies anywhere service with their Microsoft Account will get X-Men: Days of Future Past as a gift. The film is to refer to the last bloodline, which connects the whole X-men series that was worthy.

The service is already rolled out and is offering service and supports movies that users have bought from Apple, Google as well as Amazon.

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