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Study To Warn About Potential Risks Which Can Add To Global Warming

Global warming has been a great issue for the world we are living for a very long time now, and there are many things that has been revealing about it which is adding to it.

A new study reported on Monday warns about the possible event of uncontrolled global warming, in case, we fail to come together as fight against the worst climatic changes effects.

The research executed by the researchers at the Stockholm Resilience Center and the National University of Australian, and few other institutions, layout the potential of the limit that in case crossed would be the driving factor to runaway warming patterns and the beginning of Greenhouse Earth.

The study reported a warning, in case, we have crossed the threshold limit, as the average temperature in all over the world will rise to at least as 8 degrees (F) more than the existing temperature and they would create an impact that makes sea level to rise up to 30 to 200 feet.

The study reported, “Surpassing the limit can result in much higher temperature which adds to the global warming which is created by any of the interglacials in the past 1.2M years and raise the sea levels so high that it has been at any point of time in Holocene.

As per USA Today, “The report is done on the review of the earlier research of the limits mentioned for climate change.”

The study further adds that to deal with the existing risk needs a collective action of humans, which includes a great change in the social values and the research of new technology.

The study further reports that “Such type of actions require an understanding of the complete system of the Earth like knowledge of climate, biosphere, and societies which can have global economy de-carbonization, improvement of the carbon sinks of the biosphere, technological advancements, behavioral changes, new policies and enhanced social values.”

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