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Plastic Ban Resulting In The Elimination Of Plastic Straws Is A Good Sign For Some Companies


The news about plastic getting banned in many countries all over the world because of the increased pollution and the properties of plastic that are hazardous in many ways is not new. The single-use-plastic is the leading type to get banned prior to everything else. This includes the plastic bags, plastic cups and even the straws. While the elimination of something as useful as a straw is troubling some people, including the consumers and the manufacturers, some other companies are rejoicing over the same fact and the reasons are obvious.

When was the last time you felt comfortable drinking soda without a straw? While that might still be okay, have you ever imagined having tender coconut water without a straw? There are many such cases where using a straw is not an option, it is more of a mandatory thing. This proves that we cannot do without straws, and plastic being out of the picture, there is no other option that finding the practical replacements.

The closest and by far the best alternative is paper, and the demand for the paper straws has already started soaring. According to David Rhodes, who is the global business director at Aardvark, the company, rather the only company in the U.S. which manufactures paper straws, the demand is off the charts. The company was acquired yesterday by a disposable tableware making company named Hoffmaster Group.

The straw-making company grew its sales by as much as 5000% in the previous year are actually struggling to keep up with such a high rise in the demand. The acquisition by Hoffmaster is expected to solve at least these problems. The demand has increase only because of the movement against the use of the single-use-plastics and Hoffmaster said that the company will aggressively increase the manufacturing capacity of Aardvark to meet the sky-high demands.

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