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Government Panel Wishes To Keep Hold Of Cloud Data

A group operating on the cloud computing policy of the government needs data created in India to be amassed inside the nation, as per its draft report viewed by the media. This is a proposal that can offer a blow to worldwide tech behemoths such as Microsoft and Amazon who provide such services.

It might lift their prices since they will require increasing the size and number of data storage hubs in India (where power prices stay high). In addition, at least some of these increases are expected to be passed onto users who include everybody from large Indian companies to small start-ups.

The policy will be the newest in a sequence of proposals that look to spur data localization in the country, as the government confirms an overarching law for data protection. Local data storage needs for e-commerce and digital payments industries are also being projected.

The authorities need the data stored domestically so that they can more effortlessly receive authorization to it when performing investigations.

The cloud policy panel’s draft report claimed that a forward-looking regime for data protection was required since IT laws framework in India was not enough for cloud computing. The panel is spearheaded by Kris Gopalakrishnan, the Indian tech behemoth Infosys’ co-founder.

“We suggest localization of cloud information and any information (that is amassed) about Indian organizations or information created in India,” it claimed. The panel further added that this data must be obtainable for national security agencies and investigative organizations.

India’s effort for localization follows at a time of elevated worldwide scrutiny of how firms store consumer data. In July, India claimed that its federal police had started investigating misuse of Facebook consumer data by Cambridge Analytica. New Delhi believes that this scam comprised data on Indian consumers.