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After The Infamous Blue Whale, Another Suicide Game Called Momo Is On The Web

 While the memories of the suicide game called Blue Whale have not yet completely faded, the game many young kids fell prey to, there is another similar game in the market which asks the players to take their own lives, for real. This game is being called Momo, and is spreading widely across different social media platforms that include Facebook, WhatsApp, and YouTube as well. This game has left not only the parents, but police along with other authorities highly concerned, all over the world.

This game, which is weird in not one but many aspects, uses the main character as a woman having features that are completely grotesque along with bulging eyes. This character is taken from the work of Midori Hayashi, who is a famous Japanese artist, but not related to this suicide game in any manner. The character is named Momo and now the game is being called the same.

This game is actually bad for the people, especially the young kids and works in a very strange way. The players are asked to add the contacts to the game. The controller of the game sends some really violent images on the messaging app to the players and also threatens the players by telling them that all the personal things of the players are known to the controller.

Not just that, the controller threatens people about terrible things happening if the orders are not followed. The players are then asked to kill themselves in real life and post the pictures or videos of themselves while doing the same.

Earlier as well, this game called Blue Whale, which was on a quite similar track caused many people to fell prey to it. Many teens across Russia and around the world as well were actually killed by themselves, as the game wanted players to commit suicide.