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Scientist Can’t Explain The Magnetic Fields Of The Huge Rogue Planet

The scientists are astonished and mesmerized by seeing the magnetic behavior of the rogue planet, which is named as per the record as SIMP JO1365663+0933473 can maintain a magnetic field so strong that scientist has never witnessed anything like this before, these magnetic fields generate a spectacular aurora. However, scientists are not yet clear how can a planet create a magnetic field of such a magnitude.

According to the NASA, the rogue planet magnetic field strength is more than 200 times stronger than the Jupiter, which in turn the Jupiter magnetic field is 54 times stronger than the planet Earth. Probably this is the very own reason which has caught the attention of the Scientists at this rogue planet. Scientists claim that studying this particular planet would definitely help them to understand the magnetic dynamo mechanisms of the planet and give them an insight on how the same type of mechanism could be operated in our extrasolar planets i.e. the planets which are beyond our solar system.

This magnetic field is not the reason which has got the attention of the scientists; there are plenty of other events on the planet which remains mysterious to the scientist. The scientist community has nicked name this planet as a brown dwarf, the reason behind giving this nick name to this object is that brown dwarf is larger than the planets but are not able to fuse hydrogen so they are not treated to be called a planet, this concept is however debatable. Other factors which caught the eye of a scientist is that this brown dwarf planet is relatively younger than Jupiter, only 200 million years old, and is on its own that is not revolving around a star and weighs only 12.7 times of Jupiter. This led to a debate among the scientists whether to include this object in a planet or a dwarf planet.