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All 50 States Diagnosed Positive With Lyme Disease

All 50 States Diagnosed Positive With Lyme Disease

The (deer) Black-feet ticks those are the main driving force behind spreading the Lyme disease are discovered in all over Texas and generally faced by the turkey hunters of spring.

As per the researched done in 2014, 45% of the black-legged ticks those were gone under testing has the spirochetal bacterium which is the main cause of Lyme disease.

In case you have a thought like many others that you are not going to get infected with Lyme diseases as you don’t like New England, where the disease appeared first, you need to think again.

Recently, all the 50 states, as well as the District of Columbia, have the people who diagnosed with Lyme disease that is, in reality, a bacterial infection that can lead to various symptoms like fatigue, joint pain, neck stiffness and facial palsy.

The news sourced from a study done by the Quest Diagnostic, a clinical laboratory, which has analyzed the 6M blood tests, which is requested by medical professionals to look for Lyme disease among the patients.

The report showed that last year Pennsylvania has the most number i.e. 10,001 of positive cases of Lyme disease.

Though, the instances of patients who reported positive with Lyme disease shows a hike in some region did not link with the Lyme disease earlier. Florida had 501 cases more that are 77% more than it has in 2015. However, California reported having a spike of 194.5%, with 483 more cases than in 2015.

The primary sign of a Lyme disease is a bull’s eye rash, but patients do report commonly with other shapes of rashes as well. A lot of patients got treated with oral medication, especially when the person starts the treatment in an early stage of infection, and if not treated on time the infection could spread in other regions of the body as well.

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