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Bioengineered Lung transplant on pig successfully done

The amalgamation of the latest technology and medical science is successful in creating history. Recently, the scientists have been successful in transplanting an engineered lung into a pig.

The scientist utilized scaffold in engineering the new lung, which will offer a structural support to the organ while helping it grow the necessary supporting tissues. The team also involved the cells of the pig that was about to witness the transplant in order to get the immune system of the animal accustomed to the transplant.

After the transplantation was accomplished, the blood vessels and alveolar tissues of the organ continued to develop for two months. The team of scientist noticed that not only the animal accepted the transplantation with ease but has also led to the generation of a colony of bacteria, which is highly crucial.

Prof. Joan Nichols, the co-author of the study stated that the study is crucial in the field of medical science. Usually, the people who need the transplantation of the organ have to wait for a long time until they receive a valid donor. However, the study will revamp the concept to a huge extent.

Previously, the bioengineered lungs were transplanted on smaller animals, which failed to produce a fruitful outcome. It was noticed that the animals suffered from an ailment called oedema, which causes the fluid to accumulate. The blood vessels also seized to cooperate with the new organ.

Prof. Joan Nichols further stated that when the experiment was executed on pigs, his team received a better result.

This is a step forward in the medical world as the organ can be transplanted without the compulsion of the availability of the donor. It can be created at any point in time without any hazard of compatibility. He is hopeful to get a positive outcome within the next decade.

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