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Apple Might Be Aiming To Roll Out Laptops With Dual Display

Apple lately faced criticism for the MacBook keyboard that, as per various consumers, got unresponsive or stuck owing to fragments that got stuck in it. The firm on the other hand, was sufficiently quick to roll out an updated MacBook Pro series with a changed keyboard that fixes the problems. But the company still has some huge plans to make the typing experience more enhanced for future users. As posted by the media, Apple has been lately granted some patents that will not just keep the fragments out but will eliminate the actual keyboard itself, restoring it with a screen.

The patents unveils that Apple might be thinking of a device that has its secondary display made out of plastic or glass. Seeing at the present MacBook Pro laptops’ TouchBar design, it may be a likelihood that the secondary display can be configured according to the user’s requirement or can be altered on the basis of what app is active on the main screen. This will also be freeing the firm from the problem of fragments getting stuck in the keyboard.

One can take this as an extended TouchBar design, which already displays customizable keys and sliders on the present MacBook. On the other hand, Apple might have to face various problems such as lags, issues with the responsiveness, and others.

On a related note, Apple’s latest piece of modernization for the butterfly keyboard has a flexible silicone membrane below every key as discovered by media. The website included that the attendance of the silicone membrane is the reason why keyboard is quieter as stated by the company. To show how serious the firm is in offering the best experience to consumers, it even began a program wherein MacBook consumers having problems with the keyboard will be capable of getting it solved for free.