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Apple Speaks With Chinese Telecom Companies To Lower Spam

Apple is having a discussion with Chinese telecom companies to find ways to lower spam received via its messaging service, a spokesperson claimed. This comes days after state media blamed that Apple was permitting unlawful content on its website. The iPhone manufacturer has been targeted by state media of China since the previous week. It claimed that Apple permitted unlawful content such as gambling applications.

“We are in touch with local telecom firms to see what extra measures can be taken to lower this inconvenience,” a spokesperson of Apple claimed to the media in an interview. The State-controlled China News Service reported previously that Apple was in touch with Chinese telecom firms amongst other measures it was taking to lower junk texts.

“We are presently operating on extra ways to additionally lower it, comprising more enhanced machine learning devices to verify it and more equipments to ban fraudulent accounts,” the spokesperson of Apple claimed. Greater China is the 2nd-biggest market for Apple and it claimed previously this week that income in the nation increased 19% in the quarter of June due to sturdy iPhone X sales. This showed investors that it still had game even as affordable Chinese competitors attain ground.

Beijing has criticized Apple earlier but the fresh assaults come as Chinese controllers have rolled out a new campaign to clean up unsolicited & spam calls, which are a pervasive problem in China. The criticism underlines an increasingly burdened balancing act for the company in the world’s largest handset market at a time of increasing trade pressures between the United States and China.

On a similar note, last week Apple became the first publicly listed company in the U.S. to cross the $1 Trillion mark. This comes as the firm crowns a decade-long rise powered by its omnipresent iPhone that changed it from a niche company in PCs into a worldwide powerhouse spanning communications and entertainment.