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RED Hydrogen One Handset With Holographic Screen To Launch Soon

In 2017, RED (a brand recognized for producing high-end professional cameras) introduced off its first-ever handset sporting a “holographic screen.” The device was dubbed as Hydrogen One. At the time of the declaration there was no tangible launch date for the handset. Over a period of time, the handset got postponed and is still to get a specific roll out date. On the other hand, it moved a step nearer to roll out as it got approved this week by Federal Communications Commission (FCC).

Getting the approval of the FCC indicates that RED will be capable of selling its Hydrogen One handsets lawfully in the U.S. Due to the listing, we also came to know about some of the specs of the handset. The handset is anticipated to sport dual SIM slots, a huge 4510 mAh battery, and support for almost all the LTE network bands in the U.S.

The handset is also believed to sport a 5.7-inch display that will show 3D holographic material without any glasses required. The display is claimed to support both RED’s Hydrogen 4-View (H4V) and stereo 3D.

The firm late last year declared that it has joined forces with a firm dubbed as Leia Inc. to manufacture the display. On official website of Leia Inc, it states, “Leia Inc. an RED Digital Cinema have joined hands to make a richer technique to interact with the users and things you like. Easily dive into a realm of new proportions and depth. Accessible on RED Hydrogen handset.”

RED even declared that its Hydrogen One handset will be reaching the industry in H1 of 2018. But obviously that is not the case. The company even started the pre-order windows for the specific handset but it has been closed currently. While the Titanium version had a price tag of $1,595, the Aluminum version had a price label of $1,295.

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