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Facebook Declares Scholarship Program To Support Future Journalists

Facebook Declares Scholarship Program To Support Future Journalists

Facebook, social media giant, has declared “Facebook Journalism Project Scholarship” initiative in India in association with the ACJ (Asian College of Journalism).

Below the program, the social media will support 5 students from the school all over media such as new media, print, television, and radio. Students who are pursuing a degree and registered as graduate students in journalism are entitled for the program.

The program comes as a fraction of promise made below the Facebook Journalism Project to support the next gen of media correspondents. By joining hands with ACJ, Facebook will be capable of helping train journalism graduates on high integrity and fact-based journalism in the digital epoch, the firm claimed to the media in an interview.

Chairperson at ACJ, Sashi Kumar, claimed, “We are eager to associate with the Facebook Journalism Project. We think our students will profit from this powerful program. It will offer the expertise and precious hands-on experience to distinguish trust-worthy and informative news.”

In addition, Facebook has further expanded its joint venture with BOOM Live, the digital fact checking firm. The organization will now offer fact checking abilities in Bengali and Hindi. It will fact-check videos, photos, and article links too. Previously, BOOM Live operated a pilot phase fact-checking initiative in Karnataka in English language, as per the media sources.

Global Head of News Partnerships at Facebook, Campbell Brown, claimed, “Just as the news business is continually modifying, the capabilities & skills of our future reporters must also develop. Our alliance with ACJ mirrors our promise to support the journalism bionetwork by training potential journalists. Via our joint venture with BOOM Live we expect to motivate the systemic development of fact- checking on all websites. Taken jointly, they stand for a step towards backing the future of dependable journalism all over the world.”

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