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Apple Is Taking Out Its iOS And Mac Apps From Its Affiliate Program

Apple made an announcement that it is removing all the Mac and iOS apps from the affiliate program that means the websites and blog who shares and promotes the link of Apple apps are not going to get any affiliate revenue for directing their viewers on the App Store.

As per reported by Apple, it has come to the decision of taking out all the apps from the affiliate program is basically because of the introduction of a refurbished Apple App Stores. Apple has introduced a refurbished app store with is iOS 11 OS, and will soon introduce the revamped Mac App Store with Mojave the upcoming MacOS.

Apple shared, “We thanks everyone for their active participated in the app store affiliate program. With the introduction of the refurbished App store on both MacOS and iOS and their enhanced algorithm of app discovery, we are taking out all of the apps from our affiliate program.

The commission (revenue from an affiliate) for all the Apple apps and in-app content will be eliminated from the program, in effect from October 1, 2018.

Currently, Apple was providing 7% of its money to the affiliate partners from its total revenue that they earned from purchased made via iTunes. Apple was thinking of dropping the percentage from 7 to 2.5 last year but kept the same as they received a heavy backlash from publishers as well as developers. However, the in-app content has experienced a commission drop to 2.5% from 7%.

October 1st, 2018 is the date which Apple has finalized to put an end on the commission program from all the Apps of iOS and Mac as well as from the in-app content. Other media forms like movies, music, TV, and books, will be there in the affiliate program and has not reported being an end any time soon.

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