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CST-100 Starliner Of Boeing Reported A Delay Due To Tests Failures

Boeing, due to an issue of engine failure happened during a test in June, has postponed 2 of its crucial tests of CDT-100 Starliner. This delay is causing a SpaceX rival to hold its plan of utilizing the shuttle concept to make the transportation cost less for a manned shuttle, which is a part of Commercial Crew Program introduced by NASA.

As per Geekwire, the issue started due to the malfunctioning of Starliner’s engine in June that led to the abort the system, however, the engines was working fine, but the facility of valves caused the leakage of poisonous hypergolic movement generator.

However, it was fortunate that the event was not recorded any of the equipment damage or injuries, but it definitely led in delaying the whole mission, as Boeing needs to take care of this before it could move ahead with their another test schedule.

John Mulholland, VP and Program head, Starliner, shared with the Verge executive while having the call that, “We have an independent team which has the contractual workers and staff of Starliner who dedicatedly perform the required corrective actions.”

Geekwire further shared that the program head stated that the team is already done with an identification of the issues which was earlier said to be because of the weak springs utilized in the valve system, and the unmanned test flight has reached to the starting position as it does not have any system to abort the launch.

Both the Starliner by Boeing and its competitor SpaceX has missed the earlier shared schedule of their project which was supposed to be utilized as soon as the contract between NASA and Russia came to an end of using the Soyuz capsules in 2019.

Both the Starliner of Boeing and Dragon capsule of SpaceX was supposed to get ready by 2017, but the delay in the overall process has been the root of pushing the timeline.

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