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Scientists Successfully Transplant Bioengineered lungs Of Pigs After Efforts Of 15 Years

Dozens of patients get a new life every year with the help of lung transplants. But the technique is not so full proof. Many of the patients struggle for several months to the lungs. The average waiting time being 3 to 6 months, getting a lung becomes a serious trouble. Sometimes, even if the patient manages to get a lung, it might not be suitable for the body of that patient. In such critical situations surgeons have to adjust the lung’s size manually which increases the chances of complications. Going further, even if the transplant of lung is successful, the patients need to consume immunosuppressant drugs for the rest of their lives so as to ensure that the newly transplanted lung is not rejected by the body.

In order to get over these difficulties, Joan Nichols who is an internist at Texas University, along with the other colleagues spent several years to grow Bioengineered lungs into the laboratory with the help of donated cells. According to the study, such type of lungs can be built separately for every patient according to his body. It will solve the issue of waiting time along with the problem of incompatibility. Till now, many attempts have been made but eventually failed as the lungs could now sustain for not more than few hours.

Blood Vessel’s complexity couldn’t be replicated by those Bioengineered lungs which would allow the flow of oxygen into blood streams. In its latest attempt, they managed to transplant the lungs successfully which would supply the oxygen to blood appropriately and for much longer duration. In the experiment, one lung was removed from one of the 4 pigs and later the Bioengineered lung which was created from the pig cells was transplanted. In the whole study, the researchers were focusing on the development of the organ post the transplant.

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