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President Trumps Says They Have Upper Hand On Tariff Battle Against China

President of United States Donald Trump made an official statement and tells that the US is at the upper hand to negotiate the tariff rates with China as the market scenarios of China is not performing well at all and getting falter and worst day by day. He added that China’s stock market is down and making the nation to weaken their tariff rates against the American goods.

President Trump gave the statement when he was rallying outside Columbus, Ohio. President Trump said that there was a reason for my administration to take hard decision like raising the tariff rates and one of them is that we have rebuilt China, and it’s time that we rebuilt ourselves and our country first defending this statement President Trump made an announcement that Chinese Government is willing to negotiate on tariff rates.

After the event of the announcement, President Trump made a tweet saying that his duties are paying off and said it could have been achieved earlier also. He said in another tweet that further duties will be paying off a large amount of USD 21 trillion debt accumulated from reducing taxes for America.

Later, President Trump also tweeted and mentioned that the US economy is stronger than ever whereas the Chinese economy has dropped to about 27% in the last 4 months.  Tariff is working much better than expected and would make America much richer than its current state. During the rally itself, President Trump was addressing saying Europeans are dying to make a deal with the Trump’s Administration.

These events give President Trump a chance to frame stance on the moves taken by his administration on trade, foreign policy and interaction with the Russian President and answers to the supporters of his by such hard steps are taken to get to this day where Americans are at the upper hand than the others.

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