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Uber To End Designing Self-Directing Trucks

Uber To End Designing Self-Directing Trucks

Uber will discontinue designing self-autonomous trucks that have been transporting cargo on the highways in the U.S. This was claimed by the ride-hailing firm this week to the media in an interview. The firm seeks to aim its self-directed-vehicle tech completely on cars.

Via its acquirement in 2016 for Otto, Uber had wished to disrupt cargo hauling with Uber Freight and self-directing trucks. Uber Freight is the company’s smartphone application that links shippers and truck drivers. Uber Freight, which has witnessed “speedy” development, is un-impacted by this move, the firm claimed.

Trucking has been seen by transportation analysts as an ordinary application for self-directing tech. This is due to the comparative predictability of highways in opposition to busy city roads. Uber had revealed plans previously this year to incorporate manual trucking with self-directing trucks by using the latter for longer distances and the former for short hauls.

“We consider having our complete team’s expertise and energy focused on self-directing cars is the most excellent path forward,” claimed head of Uber Advanced Technologies Group, Eric Meyhofer, to the media in an interview.

San Francisco-located Uber encounters rivalry from Silicon Valley firms comprising Alphabet Inc’s Waymo and Tesla Inc as well as traditional auto manufacturers such as General Motors and Ford in the race to bring self-directing vehicles to the industry. Uber claimed that it will shift workers operating on self-directing trucks to other interior roles within development of self-governing vehicle.

On a related note, Uber earlier faced a US government probe into accusations that the firm set up a pay structure that distinguished against its female employees. The Equal Employment Opportunity Commission in the U.S. started the inspection in August last year, as per a source well known with the probe. The source insisted on not being named since the probe is believed to be confidential.

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