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NASA Facing Challenges With No Federal Funding And Clouds Of Becoming Private Is Hovering Over It

This is not the first time that NASA has witnessed the rumors of getting private, as last year also The White House has shown that they are facing difficulty in financing the International Space Station from the federal funds, however, The White House has intended to provide finances till 2025. So, this time it’s likely to go under the roof of privatization, but a recent audit of NASA suggests that it would be not feasible to convert them to private operations.

According to the news from the confirmed sources reveals that NASA has primarily two options to go with i.e. first one is having a larger private investment which the agency readily like it and had taken baby steps to make that happen by commercialization, and the second step is to continue to operate without the funding from private sector.

Form the last decade NASA had been trying to cut down all the ISS expenses but a situation like component degradation and unpredicted hardware failure creates the need for necessary changes, getting replacements done on ISS to cost a lot and takes a lot of resources consumed.

In the former option, NASA could have a partnership with private partners like SpaceX, Boeing and Bigelow Corporation to develop technology for the future commercial business, and the latter option would definitely keep the NASA to keep thinking of cut down the prices in their expedition as federal funding is limited for them.  NASA also believe that considering the future of technology moving forward would require a support from other international partners who have the capability and are willing to participate in a collaborative manner for the betterment of the mankind. In this Russia seems to fit only as they are the only other country apart from USA who had successfully taken the crew to and from the ISS.