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Elon Musk Replies NASA Scientists Saying Terraforming Of Mars Can Be Done

Terraforming Mars refers to transforming the atmosphere of Mars by one way or the other so that it will support human life. Few days earlier, Elon Musk had opened up about his plans of carrying out the thermonuclear explosions over the Mars which will kick-start the transformation of the Martian atmosphere which could support the human life. Musk has already claimed a couple of times that transforming the Martian Atmosphere is possible by warming up the planet. According to him, this can be done in two ways. Amongst the both the faster method is dropping nuclear weapons on to the poles of the planet which would heat up the atmosphere. The second way is releasing the water vapors along with the carbon dioxide into the atmosphere of the mars. This would start the green house effect and the water could be supported into the liquid form. However, a study which is sponsored by NASA says that doing so will not be any fruitful, it still won’t support life. Even nuking its atmosphere won’t turn it into Earth like atmosphere.

Bruce Jakosky who works at the Colorado University along with the Christopher Edwards who works at the University of North Arizona have come to a conclusion that the amount of Carbon Dioxide in the atmosphere of the Mars is simply not high enough to support the plan of Elon Musk. The study has references from the data collected over the decades by the spacecrafts. It also accounts the data of the minerals that bear carbon. Jakosky said that there’s no sufficient amount of CO2 remaining in the atmosphere of the Mars so as to produce enough heat to support the human life thus Terraforming is impossible using the present technologies.

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