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Water Lake On Mars

Water Lake On Mars

The scientists and researchers are not leaving any stones unturned to explore the neighboring planet, Mars. According to the latest research, evidence of the presence of liquid water lake is found on the planet.

The 20 km or 12-mile lake is believed to dwell in the southern polar ice cap. According to the previous findings, it was proved that the surface of the planet has an intermittent flow of the liquefied form of water. The water body has frozen due to the temperature drop on the planet. However, the latest discovery has opened a new chapter on the planet.

A radar instrument in the name of Marsis from the ESA or the European Space Agency has accomplished the research. These kinds of radar instruments scrutinize the surface of the planet and the immediate subsurface by emitting signals and recording the bounced back data.

The outcomes of the research have excited the scientists as they have been putting their endeavors in discovering the presence of liquefied for of water on the planet for a long period of time. It has also opened the doorways to those, who are looking forward to establishing the presence of life apart from the Earth.

According to a professor from the Italian Institute of Astrophysics, Roberto Orosei, the discovered lake is not large. Though Marsis failed to estimate the thickness of the layer of water, the research team has speculated it to be a meter thick. The leader of the research team, Prof. Orosei also stated that researched criteria are enough to declare it as a water body or a lake.

During the research, the scientists have identified an unusual material 1.5 km beneath the surface of the ice. The reflection of the material was stronger than that of the surface, which was enough for them to understand that this is water.

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