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Epic Games Likely to Bypass App Store For More Profit

Epic Games’ Fortnite is becoming a relentless giant, piling on more than 100 million downloads and US$160 million on the App Store of Apple in its tenure of initial five months. What’s more, it’s seeking Android next—however, players may download it by means of an internet browser instead of Google Play Store.

After going through source code on Epic’s website, the development community of Android, XDA Developers found signs that Fortnite may shun Google Play Store. The bros, a user of Reddit posted screenshots of the installation procedure that tell clients that they may be “notified with security consents.” “This is important in order to install any application apart from the Play Store,” said the guidelines.

Similar to the App Store of Apple, Google Play opts for a split of revenue. Any application sold on these two commercial centers should give 1/3rd of its benefits to Google or Apple. Fortnite’s day to day revenue is ear aboutUS$2 million approximately every day, as per market investigator Sensor Tower — and aroundUS$600,000 of it is given to Apple.

By skipping the Google Play Store, Epic would have the capacity to keep the majority of its benefits. The engineer hasn’t told for sure if it will adopt this strategy. This talk joins alternate hypotheses that are twirling around Fortnite’s Android launch. A few sources have said that the title of battle royale may be exclusively for Samsung Galaxy 9, releasing on that smartphones on September 23 and August 24 and so on. Up until this point, Epic is keeping quiet about all guess.

It has been accounted that the iOS edition of Fortnite is pulling in around US$2 million daily, so envision what amount goes to Apple as per a cut. We envision that Epic would want to skip iOS App Store as well to gain more profit, however installing an app outside App Store would become a concern.