NASA Differentiate From Musk’s Suggestion Of Terraforming Mars

CEO and founder of SpaceX, Elon Musk told Stephen Colbert, host of late night show, about his plan to utilize a thermonuclear blast on the Red Planet to give a kick-start to the development of Martian atmosphere that maybe make it habitable.

But as per the new study which was backed by NASA shares that even the process like nuking the Mars is not sufficient to make the Red Planet another Earth.

The fundamental idea behind making the Red Planet habitable was termed as Terraforming, in which the process is performed to take out enough amount of carbon-di-oxide tapped in the surface of the planet to make the planet dense, heating up the planet to a certain level that it will help to keep the water body in the liquid state. It is just as same as the greenhouse effect that is on our planet and it is the driving force behind the change in climatic condition.

However, Musk will successfully melt the ice caps with the help of nuclear technology, as per the new study the impact will only be able to take out enough CO2 which will make the atmosphere of Mars, 1.2% similar to our planet.

Bruce Jakosky, University of Colorado, lead author of the study said, “Along with all these things, a lot of Co2 is not readily accessible and cannot be mobilized directly. This is the thing which makes the process of Terraforming the Mars as suggested by Musk an inefficient option based on the existing-date about the Red Planet.”

The recent investigations show that even performing the intensive procedure for extracting the CO2 from the minerals, soils, and dust of the planet, will make the atmosphere 5% as it needs to be.

However, this doesn’t at all mean that the thought of having another habitable planet is dead. The only thing to keep considering this time is that the Red Planet is not going to be green so soon.

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