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Data Belonging To People Of India Must Remain In The Nation: Telecom Secretary

Aruna Sundararajan, the telecom secretary, this week claimed that the turbulent days for the sector were ended and things might settle down entirely by early next year.

Data belonging to the people of India must remain within the nation and its analysis must not take place overseas, Sundararajan claimed to the media in a statement, even as she highlighted the requirement for personal information of users to be in safe hands. “The worst has certainly ended,” she claimed about a sector hit poorly by price battles and weighed by huge debt that have pushed some companies to close shop and some others to amalgamate. “With the amalgamation of Idea and Vodafone, you have 3 very sturdy companies, and all have their individual strengths and staying influence.

It is a robust sector structure and stabilization has started, and we must see entire stabilization by early 2019,” claimed Sundararajan. While the secretary mentioned the planned amalgamation of Idea Cellular and Vodafone India (the 3rd and 2nd biggest service operators in the nation) as a “test case” due to of its scale, she referred data protection as the huge focus region for the telecom industry.

“Data is private and there is a supreme requirement for privacy. If data is considered as the new oil, the future of our national and economic safety will rely on our data administrations. It is necessary that this information is obtainable to people of India and companies of India,” she claimed.

On a related note, India has a sum of 472.72 Million wireless Internet users out of which a more than 30% are in rural regions, the Lok Sabha was told early last week. Manoj Sinha, the Telecom Minister, claimed in March 2018 that there are 472.72 Million wireless Internet users and out of these 328.83 Million users come from urban regions and 143.89 from rural regions.