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Elon Musk’s Magic Works Again: Surfboards with Eager Buyers at $1,500

Elon Musk has something new again. Right now it is surfboards!

You can trust Elon Musk to bring up surprises every time. Earlier it was flamethrowers from the Boring Company. Later, there were leather jackets sold at $400. Currently, it is surfboards.

The surfboards are sold for $1,500 a piece. They are limited offer products and has customers queued up for this product. The surfboards are a product from Tesla Design Studio in collaboration with Lost Surfboards.

Customers will be pleased to know that these surfboards have the same finish as the cars, as they are provided with the same matte quality and its glossy finish.

They also have the carbon fiber, the same as in the interior of Tesla. The limited edition surfboards are lightweight as they are of carbon fiber and have the same gloss as the cars.

The new products that came into the online market were just 200 surfboards in quantity and they were sold immediately. You can, however, visit eBay to get the same products at $4,000. The boards are expected to arrive in another 2 to 10 weeks time by ship.

The electric-car manufacturer from California loves to inspire the crowd with his products and customers love his crazy products.

The surfboards with its matte top coat and a bright red bottom is a shortboard which measures roughly about 6 feet and 8 inches. The product has driven inspiration from Tesla cars as they are made of the same material and the same outer finish.

The leather jackets were also made from the same leather quality as those used in the Tesla car seats, the leather which gave the car a good inner beauty with the superb quality leather.

Though surfboards are also available at $700, the Tesla limited offer surfboards have been sold out with high demand within the same day of the offer.

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