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BMW Is Deep Rooting The Alexa In Its Existing System

In a few days, BMW will begin providing support to its drivers for Alexa voice assistant. The truth that BMW is planning to do is no surprise, sourced that the car manufacturer is discussing since long for its plan to bring Alexa and other virtual assistants like Google Assistant and Cortana in its machines.

Before its official launch in Austria, Germany, UK and the US which is followed by other nation is upcoming dates, a lot about the new feature has revealed in Munich about Alexa integration in the BMW cars.

Senior VP, Dieter May, Digital products, BMW, said this earlier in the year that we have a long-held that in-car digital assistants have to be just like an Echo point in a cup holder, which mean the functionality has to be deeply integrated into the user experience and the other technologies in the car. And this is what BMW has achieved in the duration, and the job done deserves an appreciation.

This is not a secret anymore that BMW is working in associated with Microsoft along with a lot of its cloud service platform. BMW stated that Cortana and Alexa have diverse strengths, though, with Cortana, we have an opportunity for better productivity and a connection to Office 365.

It is very handy in coming years where the drivers can call up both Cortana and Alexa from their car, and that is certainly what made BMW build its very own system for directing voice commands and a reason that it wants to have a control on the process.

The drivers will get what exactly they have expected from the BMW, which includes, a deep integration, and to achieve that, the engineers at BMW have used the technology that is in the car, especially the feature of built-in SIM card.”

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