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The Experts Warns About A Virus That Could Kill About 900 Million Humans If It Spreads By Tomorrow

A global spread of a dangerous virus which looks like the flu could kill about 900 million humans, said scientists. The US experts explained through a simulation how the spread of influenza-like virus could affect many lives throughout the world. This made up deadly virus was spread through the air that could kill nearly 150 million humans which is more than twice the population of UK. Till now, no vaccine is found that can stop the flow of such a virus, so it is expected that it could affect the entire world leading to a deadly spread of infection at a faster rate. This situation seems like a scene of an apocalypse film, scientists said. The US politicians also took part with the health experts to fix the spread of such pandemic. A fatal pandemic is said to be happened if the humans are not resistant to such contagious diseases. The designer of this simulation, Eric Toner said that our world is no more ready for such a dangerous disease outbreak. He also said that we are not capable of producing a drug that could cure such disease. The medical authorities will fail to help such a large number of human beings and it will create a huge pressure on the government. He added that it will definitely happen on some day. The virus designed by experts named as Clade X can prove fatal as the SARS virus, which made about 8000 people die as they were infected in the year 2002–2003.

The WHO has warned people that humanity can be a threat for such a pandemic. This pandemic is said to be started in any nation and can possibly kill many million humans as they are not prepared for such a disastrous epidemic. SARS could be worse, but it won’t affect others until the patients are inside hospitals. It is said that Clade X is designed by bioterrorists in order to reduce human population.