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No Business Should Be Done With Huawei Says Donald Trump

The President of the United States, Donald Trump has emphasized categorically on Sunday that he does not want the United States of America to do business with Huawei which is a company from China although the administration has been weighing a possible extension to the grace period for Huawei.

Various media outlets in USA had on Friday reported that the commerce department of the United States is possibly going to extend Huawei Technologies Co Ltd’s reprieve that allows the company from China to purchase supplies from the companies in United States so it can provide its existing customers with services.

Reuters had reported that Huawei’s temporary general license will be extended for 90 days. It had cited two other sources who are facing similar situation.

Prior to boarding the Air Force One he did not mince words on Sunday when he said that he was not willing to do business with Huawei as it posed a risk the national security

Trump had also accused the media of covering the issue differently and not giving importance to the risks to national security that are there if business is done with Huawei.

He further claimed that though a few smaller parts of the company can be exempted from the ban it is going to be very complicated. He refused to comment on the extension of the temporary license by the United States administration.

Earlier on Sunday though, the director of National Economic Council Larry Kudlow had said that the commerce department in a good faith gesture would extend Huawei’s licensing process for 90 more days amidst the broader negotiations going on with China. He said that it was also to give a break to the intrinsic companies.

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