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Google Employees Refuse To Cloud Computing Project With CBP And ICE

More than six hundred employees of Google are not ready to work for the cloud computing assignment, which the big tech giant might be doing for U.S Customs and Border Protection (CBP). A petition was posted on Wednesday where the employees mentioned that CBP and Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) is putting asylum seekers in prison and causing them severe harm. They are in fact keeping the children away from the parents and supervising an abusive system.

Google employees came to know that CBP is looking for vendors to find a contract for providing cloud services. The employees instantly asked Mountain View Company based in California to not agree to work with the agency. The petition stated that it is now the moment to stand united and mention in clear terms that they would not work on such deals. Employees in the petition demanded that Google should publicly announce not to work along with ICE, ORR (Office of Refugee Resettlement), CBP in any project. Google should also commit to not be a part of any funds or project that might directly or indirectly be helping them till abusing of human rights are stopped.

The petition has been sent in the face of several existing problems of the company. The employees signing this petition have equalled Google’s work with ICE similar to IBM’s support of Nazis back in times of World War II. The employees have said that Google would be surrendering their integrity and be a part of a heinous act for mere profit by working along with ORR, CBP or ICE. Sundar Pichai, Google’s CEO has taken a step back from joining the project after the mass protest by employees. In fact, Google also did not renew their contract with Pentagon which was about drones involving artificial intelligence after the employees had revolted.

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