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Juul Faces Legal Action In Illinois County For Targeting Youth

Prosecutors in Illinois County are suing Juul Labs, a major e-cigarette maker in the USA, and have accused it of specifically targeting youngsters using deceptive advertising practices and causing nicotine addiction in them. Michael Nerheim stated that he would be working alongside several private law firms against Juul Labs. He stated that Juul Labs was preying on pre-teens and teens, feeding their addictions. They were similar to drug dealers, catching them during their teens and enabling their addiction for the rest of their life.

As per Truth Initiative, a single Juul pod may contain more nicotine than a complete cigarette pack. The popularity of vaping in teenagers has seen a surge recently. The CDC reported in February that there was a 78% rise in the number of high schoolers using e-cigarettes between 2017 and 2018. Middle schoolers using e-cigarettes also grew by 50%.

The latest lawsuit claims that Juul utilized social media for encouraging youngsters to post their selfies using these devices. Juul Labs responded with a statement that it never advertised specifically to youngsters in this fashion. It had also shut down a few social media pages. Ted Kwong of Juul stated that they had exited Facebook and Instagram. North Carolina, a major tobacco producer, had filed a suit in May against the company, accusing it of using deceptive and unfair marketing practices to target kids. The state has claimed that Juul is to be held responsible for the current electronic cigarette epidemic, a term coined by the FDA and the Surgeon-General. The lawsuit stated that the look, chemical composition and flavors of e-cigarettes were designed to attract youthful audiences and minors. Juul pods are available in multiple flavors like mango and mind and resemble flash drives.

Connecticut is now investigating the marketing practices used by Juul. Nerheim stated that a lot of money and time would have to be spent to fix the problems caused by Juul and called for the company to be held responsible for this mess. However, Juul has denied any wrongdoing on its part.

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