Life Could Have Spread Across Our Galaxy Study Suggests

According to a recently conducted study, there have been a large number of opportunities for life to have spread all around the galaxy of Milky Way over several eons. In fact, our very own Earth can potentially be a primary dispersal point. The random motions of the sun through space over the last 4.6 billion years have resulted in its proximity to a lot of stars.

The author of the study, Robert Zubrin has said that these close interactions are likely to have shaken loose far-thrown comets from both the systems, thus making them rush towards the passing stars. Zubrin is Pioneer Astronautics’ president, which is a company based in Colorado. This swapping of comets is most likely reason of mass extinctions on the Earth. This is as per Zubrin’s findings. However, the phenomenon may be potentially assisted life when it comes to the long run, by making it shift from one island to another across space’s vast ocean.

Speaking to, Zubrin said that this mechanism may have been the one behind delivering life to us in the past and also the process by which we have passed on life to a lot of different places in the last 3.5 billion years.  If one simply extrapolates from that and realize that everybody is a part of this, one can compare the galaxy with any supercritical reactor, which saturates itself with all forms of life.

The conclusion of the study has been derived from certain straightforward calculations. These have considered an average figure of the sun’s neighborhood’s stellar density which is nearly 0.003 stars in each cubic light-year, the velocity of the sun with respect to its star field which is about 36,000 km/h or 22,370 mph, as well as the stellar population makeup of Milky Way at roughly 75% dim, small red dwarfs.

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