Man Accused With Bribing AT&T Employees To Unlawfully Unlock Phones

There is no doubt that there is a market for unlocked handsets, but one individual might have been too keen to profit from that requirement. The US has accused Muhammad Fahd (a Pakistani citizen) with bribing employees in Bothell, Washington at AT&T’s call center to disable the locking software of the carrier and unlawfully unlock handsets prior to they are eligible. Fahd supposedly had employees insert virus and “otherwise abuse” AT&T’s networks from 2012 to 2017, paying one employee $428,500 over the course of 5 years and even having some bribes given personally. Almost 3 of those employees have so far pleaded guilty.

Fahd was taken into custody in February last year in Hong Kong, but was only extradited on August 2, 2019, to the US. He is facing 5 allegations associated to Travel Act violations, 5 allegations associated to wire fraud, 4 charges connected to damaging and accessing protected devices, and conspiracy to violate the Computer Fraud and Abuse act.

This is not the first time executors have had inside assistance from carrier staff, but it might be one of the biggest. Fahd supposedly received “millions of machines” from AT&T service, and earned millions in profit in the procedure. Federal prosecutors expectedly need to send a message to others who might attempt such schemes.

Speaking of handsets, recall those Samsung advertisements mocking Apple’s newest handsets for not offering a headphone jack? Well, it seems like the firm is going to have to taste its own medicine. That is because, as leaks recommended, the new Galaxy Note 10 by Samsung will not have one. Rather than a 3.5mm jack, the handset will employ USB-C for audio and fundamentally anything else that needs physical connection. While the Note 10 has a couple of USB-C earphones, the lack of a conventional 3.5mm port means you will need a dongle if you wish to employ your non-wireless, personal headphones.

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