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Lyft And Uber Confess That They Are Making City Traffic Worse

Lyft and Uber might be rivals but as the two primary ridesharing firms, they also have a lot to share—comprising the hurdles they encounter. To better know their role in traffic patterns of the city, the firms mutually sponsored a research to decide their mutual VMT (vehicle miles traveled) in 6 major cities. In a shocking twist, the outcomes got Uber to confess that ridesharing firms, or TNCs (transportation network companies), do in fact add to traffic.

“The research displays that in spite of tremendous development over the last decade, TNC employment still pales as compared to all other traffic, and even though TNCs are probably contributing to an elevation in traffic, its scale is restricted by that of commercial traffic and private cars,” claimed Head of Global Policy at Uber for Public Transportation, Chris Pangilinan, to the media in an interview.

The research, performed by Fehr & Peers, saw at Lyft and Uber trips in Chicago, Boston, San Francisco, Los Angeles, Washington DC, and Seattle. In San Francisco County, Lyft and Uber were accountable for 13.4% of all VMT. In Boston, they added for 8%, and in Washington, DC they showed 7.2% of vehicle-miles.

Just more than half of those miles (54–62%) were invested driving a passenger actually. Almost 10% of the vehicle-miles were used to pick up a user, and the rest of 1/3rd of the miles traveled were invested driving between trips.

On a related note, Lyft earlier claimed that it has made its San Francisco Bay Wheels e-bikes unavailable to users after a few of them caught fire. As per media reports, people who saw the first case earlier claimed that the flames emerged from the battery of the bike. A second bike rupture into flames next day, and a local occupant even posted a pic of its charred debris.

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