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Dementia, Anemia And High Hemoglobin Levels May Be Linked

A new study claims that individual suffering with both from lower than normal and higher than normal levels of hemoglobin are more susceptible to the development of dementia, with rise in their age. Hemoglobin (Hb) is an essential RBC protein, which carries oxygen throughout the body from the lungs. Anemia results from lower levels of Hb. Globally, anemia affects around 1.62 BN people, making it one of the very common disorders of the blood.

Several health adversaries arise due to low levels of hemoglobin, like CHD (Coronary Heart Disease), and stroke. Still, there’s not much data about the link of levels of Hb and probability of getting dementia.

This week, a finding was published in the magazine Neurology by the scientists from the EMC (Erasmus Medical Center), Netherlands, who have researched links between levels of hemoglobin and dementia.

Unlike earlier researches, this study followed partakers for a longer time frame to have a better result.

In this study, 12,305 participants with a usual age of 65 were examined. None of the partakers were having dementia initially. During the commencement of the tests, the researchers tested their Hb levels and around 745 or 6.1% partakers suffered from anemia. Though, the rate of anemia climbed up in male as they age, but females showed higher rate of anemia before menopause. In the time span of 12 years, dementia developed in 1,520 individuals.

Brain scans of 5,319 participants were also present with the scientists, through which they assessed flow of blood in the brain, and symptoms of vascular abnormalities. The researchers observed that increased threat of dementia was more in individuals with low and high levels of hemoglobin than with people having normal levels. They wrote that when compared with individuals not having anemia, those having it were linked with 34% rise in the threat of dementia and around 41% chances of developing Alzheimer’s.

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