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Cigarette Smoke Makes Superbugs Persistent, Resistant To Antibiotics

Smoking is one of the major reasons for deaths that can be prevented. Worldwide use of tobacco including smoking leads to deaths of more than 7 million people every year. In the US alone, more than 16 million people have ailments due to smoking and tobacco leads to death of 1 out of 5 every year. Both researchers and health professionals are aware that smoking leads to impairment of the immune system. This results into reduced defense against any infection. However researchers are not sure that how cigarette smoking can harm microbes living in nasopharyngeal cavity.

A latest study has target of understanding this loophole in study by testing the impacts of cigarette smoking on Staphylococcus aureus. Lead author of this study is Maisem Laabei, from University of Bath in U.K. Dr. Laabei reasoned why he chose to do the research. He said that he wanted to study S.aureus because it is commonly found in humans.

It can also lead to a series of diseases and therefore they wanted to find out what exactly takes place when a person is exposed to the smoke. S.aureus is present in a section of the nasal microflora in about 30–60% people. This particular pathogen might lead to several infections. Minor infections include superficial skin infections, or major ones like endocarditis or pneumonia.

Due to S.aureus, people also become unresponsive to antibiotics. A particular kind of antibiotic, Methicillin-resistant S.aureus (MRSA) is responsible for 94,360 dangerous infections every year in US. In fact, approximately 18,650 people die because of it. MRSA is a kind of clonal pathogen. Researchers further explained that many studies have found out few predominant clones which lead to huge burden of disease. In their latest study, Dr. Laabei and his team discovered six most commonly found strains of “superbug” clones of MRSA.

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