Insta’s New Anti-Bullying Tool Likely To Help Curb Abuse

According to sources, Instagram’s latest tool which asks user to consider twice what they are saying on a social media is believed to curb the cases of bullying. Soon Instagram will allow users to block those who are trying to bully them on the social media platform.

After the suicide case of Molly Russell Instagram is in great deal of pressure to curb the issue related to bullying. Through his blog Adam Mosseri stated that Instagram can take several steps to stop the process of bullying altogether. He also stated that the tools which are included in the Instagram have in-depth acknowledgement about the process of bullying and how people respond on the Social network, but these can be considered as initial steps in a long process.

According to one of the spokesperson of Instagram, the social networking platform is acquiring the help of Artificial Intelligence so that it can distinguish when a text is considered as inappropriate message by users. During such cases people are prompted by rethink message and they are given Learn More button. The AI then tries to make them aware that the set of words they are choosing to text someone has been reported by people as inappropriate in the past.

The decision is solely up to a user whether he or she wants to send the text message or not, but in most of the cases it is seen that people discard the message and try to write which would cause less degree of hurt to a person.

One of the spokesperson of Instagram also stated that the company is planning to launch restrict feature in future with which teenagers will be able to filter comments which are abusive. During a meet with the press Mosseri stated that most of the teenagers do not block a person who bullies them on social network as it might escalate the situation in real life.

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