Hulu To Stream A Few Of Its Shows In 4K On Two Selected Devices

After discontinuing with 4K streaming in 2018, Hulu has apparently begun streaming selected original content in 4K on a very limited number of devices. In this challenging era, 4K streaming is something a sticky bundle company would proudly boast of. However, Hulu has announced the return of this prime quality streaming on its content only via a handful of Twitter replies to users who themselves asked the company and one stand alone support page that was up to help users make the most of the service.

The limited number of devices mentioned above include the Apple TV and the Chromecast Ultra. The 4K stream will be available only on these two hardware. While Apple TV is by far the best in the market, Chromecast Ultra will come in handy if you rely a lot on your phone. Talking of the limited content available to be streamed in 4K, all of Hulu’s original programs can be watched in the highest resolution. Other shows like The Handmaid’s Tale, Catch-22, Veronica Mars, and Harlots too will be available for streaming in 4K. The downside of course is the long los of shows that won’t be available. One major positive though is the fact that Hulu will not charge anything extra for 4K streaming. The only requirement which the company states is an internet connection with a downstream of at least 16mbps.

On a similar note, DishTV too is expected to hit the 4K streaming niche with the launch of its new hardware, the AirTV Mini. The all new streaming stick will enable the user to watch both Sling TV and Netflix along with the over-the-air channels. The device will however be only a complement to an existent setup including an AirTV WiFi tuner and an OTA antenna. The setup can be availed for free by preparing for three months of Sling TV’s services.

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