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McDonalds Joins Hands With DoorDash; Ends Its Exclusive Availability On UberEats

McDonalds on Tuesday came up with an all new disclosure stating that they will be partnering with the all new food delivery startup DoorDash. Earlier this year, McDonalds was reportedly considering to end its exclusive deal with food delivery giants UberEats. Since then, the partnering up with DoorDash has been the first deal for McDonalds.

As per the reports, McDonald’s will be offering delivery via DoorDash from July 29 across the 200+ locations in Houston, Texas. It will also be included as a part of Door Pass, DoorDash’s subscription service that offers users unlimited free delivery on orders above $12 through select restaurants. This will give a major boost to DoorDash who have already become the leading food delivery services company in America. As per a report released by research company Second Measure, DoorDash 32 per cent of the total sales in May 2019 to be the largest of the lot. UberEats on the other hand trail DoorDash and Grubhub to be at the third spot with just 19.7 per cent sales. McDonald’s reportedly decided to part ways with UberEats after having a discussion with them over the high fees UberEats was levying on them. McDonald’s entered the partnership with UberEats back in May 2017 and was one of UberEats primary partners.

DoorDash hit the headlines recently for a not so pleasing reason. A man in Pennsylvania complained that the DoorDash delivery personnel had ate his order and delivered the left over with tooth bites all over it. Chris Payton had placed an order from Dickey’s Barbeque Pit for ribs in York, Pennsylvania. He was expected to receive six ribs, but when he opened the carton it had only four of them and that too with tooth marks indicating they too had been bitten already. The company has of course refunded Payton with full amount.

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