Instructional Hacking Ban By YouTube Threatens Computer Security Teachers

Previously this year, YouTube included phishing and hacking tutorials to its examples of prohibited video content—and that prohibition has been publicized due to an apparent onslaught on a moral “white hat” computer security and hacking channel.

Kody Kinzie is a co-creator of Hacker Interchange, which defines itself as an agency devoted to teaching newbies about security and computer science. Hacker Interchange makes a series (Cyber Weapons Lab) on YouTube, but this week, Kinzie claimed that they were not able to upload new clips due to a content strike. “Our current content is being pulled and flagged, just got a strike as well,” claimed Kinzie.

The law is laid out on “dangerous or harmful content” page of YouTube, which prohibits “instructional phishing and hacking,” i.e. “displaying consumers how to steal user personal data and credentials or bypass secure computer systems.”

As Kinzie and others pointed out on Twitter, even if that can stop some unlawful behavior, it is possibly terrible news for anyone learning computer security—along with people keen to learn phishing and countering hacking tricks. Hacking methods are often employed unlawfully, but they are not essentially illegal. They are practiced by many lawful computer system testers and researchers. YouTube has a same prohibition for teaching theft methods, but that is a much less expansive and popular pastime as compared to learning about computers.

On a related note, YouTube earlier claimed that it is launching modifications to two essential browsing functions as worries grow over harmful content distribution via the suggestion algorithm of the platform.

Filtering capabilities and sortable topics are being included to homepage of the platform and “up next” suggested categories, as per a media report. The objective is to offer consumers more management over what they view on the platform. People will have the capability of clicking on specific topics they need to explore.

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