100 bus passengers pulled from coach just before it plunges into sinkhole


Terrified bus passengers in London were pulled free from their coach just seconds before it was pulled into a sinkhole.

The coach became stranged after a London street was flooded by swiftly-moving water, caused by the sinkhole opening up. The bus became trapped in a large sinkhole which appeared on Lewisham High Street in London’s South East.

Dirty water

Footage has now emerged showing how the busy street, which had been full of shoppers and workers, suddenly became a scene of terror as it was flooded by a swathe of dirty water.

Terrified passengers were rescued by firefighters who had been called to the scene amid reports that people were stranded on a bus as darkness set in, with water rising higher around them.

The coach had crashed into a huge sinkhole which opened up suddenly, leading to a burst water main, which flooded the street.

The bus was full of 100 tourists, a third of whom were children, who were thankfully all pulled to safety. Nearby supermarket Lidl provided them all with food after the rescue. Emergency services in the capital described the accident as a “major incident” and said that both motorists and pedestrians should avoid Lee High Road completely.

Photos which emerged on social media sites shows that the street was swamped completely after water burst from the broken pipe. Images showed that the bus had become swamped by fast-flowing water after crashing into the sinkhole.

Meanwhile, social media users spoke of the dramatic scened. Witness Rebecca Nygren tweeted that the High Street had become a river. Another said: “You ain’t getting down Lee High Road without ya speedos!”

London Fire Brigade confirmed: “We helped passengers off a coach that fell into a hole caused by flood water on Lee High Road in Lewisham. Please avoid the area if possible.”